About Us

Grossmerk was founded in Istanbul with the experience of its founders in the sector since 2004 and has established the main brand “Globmann” which is advancing towards becoming a reliable brand in more than 20 countries. Grossmerk sets out with the principle of sustainable values, is climbing the ladder of success with its sales in automotive, construction and furniture sectors and strengthens its sales network with its business partners day by day. Without compromising on high quality product standards and technical knowledge, it produces healthy, reliable and fast communication solutions by producing solutions that meet the vision and expectations of business partners. Product dependability in different markets proves the high quality and more than 16 years of experience guarantees the highest quality. Production range; 2K Epoxy Adhesive, 2K Epoxy Putty, Fast Adhesive (Mdf Kit), PU Marine Adhesive, Lubricating Liquid Grease, Rust Remover and also packaging materials production; Thermoform (Pet) Forming, Belistering, 2K Syringe Production…